Fare Thee Well Leveneleven

Leveneleven Brewing, 1111 Coliseum Blvd, Greensboro, NC

First Smith Street Diner, where we used to always go the morning after a show, and now Leveneleven Brewing, home for so many Viva la Muerte performances. Yes, friends, Leveneleven is closing. This pandemic has been so hard on the small business community here in Greensboro. So help us give a proper fare thee well to a great man and one of the best brewers in town: Dan Morgan. On April 10, at 8pm, please join us for a very special final concert at Leveneleven. We're going to miss you, Dan!

PS - Other great artists like Farewell Friend and Bryan Toney will be performing earlier, so hang out all day with Dan if you can.