1. Crazy Queen

From the recording STORM COUNTRY

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Crazy Queen

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(Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong)
Bass: Jared Zehmer
Drums: Wes Allen
Guitar: M.C. Armstrong
Guitar: Ranford Almond
Saxophone: Nikki Trail
Violin: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: M.C. Armstrong
Vocals: Ranford Almond


I don’t have no kids
Don’t pretend to be free
Big old woman wants to fire me
Well, go on
You can keep the machine
Set me free
You crazy queen

Wanna quit my job,
Travel the world
But I can’t get away
From this ghost of a girl
Well come one,
Babe you’re haunting me
Set me free, you crazy queen

I see you dance
Behind the glass
I see you slip
Right out of your sleeves
Well come on,
Don’t you look at me
Set me free, you crazy queen

I’m the one who’s crazy
Anyone can see
But that’s what loving you
Has done to me
This river
Still runs to sea
Set me free, you crazy queen

Love is like
A crazy queen
She takes control
While she’s setting you free
Well come on,
Don’t you know what I mean?
So hard to see you,
Now that you’re gone from me