1. Come On Out

From the recording STORM COUNTRY

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Come On Out

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(Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong)
Bass: Jared Zehmer
Drums: Wes Allen
Guitar: M.C. Armstrong
Guitar: Ranford Almond
Keys: Tom Troyer
Violin: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: M.C. Armstrong
Vocals: Ranford Almond
Vocals: Tayler Coldiron


If it’s not working
Come on out
If you don’t love him
Come on out
If you’re feeling crazy
Come on out

Cuz you’re not alone in this country
You’re not alone in this town
You’re not alone
Come on out

If you’re done with fear
Come on out
If hate’s too clear
Come on out
If it’s all over
Come on out

If you’ve got a song to sing
Come on out
If she broke everything
Come on out
If you still believe in rock and love
Come on out