1. Viva la Funk

From the recording STORM COUNTRY

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Viva la Funk

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(Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong, Katee Armstrong and Ranford Almond)
Bass: Jared Zehmer
Drums: Wes Allen
Guitar: M.C. Armstrong
Guitar: Ranford Almond
Keys: Scott Guberman
Saxophone: Nikki Trail
Violin: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: M.C. Armstrong
Vocals: Ranford Almond
Vocals: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: Jon Ney, Colin Cutler, Corby Brooke, Mean Dumb Hick, Tom Troyer, Allen Nop, Drew Armstrong, Andy Armstrong, Jared Zehmer, Nikki Trail, Wes Allen


We use a torch
As far as the song
We build a fire
With the world that’s gone
We plant your flag
On Saturn’s ring
We make your daddy dance
We make your mama swing
Viva la Funk

Now look at you
Now look at me
We’re lighting it up
We’re making history
History of night
History of dreams
Anything can happen
Close your eyes and see

Viva la funk
Start shaking that junk
I’m so tired of being a monk
Viva la funk

We’re going to talk about love
We’re going to break the rules
We’re going to tell the future
We’re going to play the fool
We’re going to play with fire
We’re going to play it cool
We’re going to do that dance
They don’t allow in school