1. The Circle

From the recording STORM COUNTRY

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The Circle

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(Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong)
Banjo: Colin Cutler
Bass: Jared Zehmer
Drums: Wes Allen
Guitar: Jared Zehmer
Violin: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: M.C. Armstrong


Will the circle be unbroken?
Or is the question now just a dare?
Will you ever come back here?
Or must you always stay over there?

You were the ones who killed our fathers
And you were the ones who stole our water
But here we are like Cain and Abel
Brought by blood to this table

By the river of Babylon
By the glow of the phone
Can’t you hear the other voices
Don’t you know you’re not alone

Brother, we don’t need the devil
Brother, we don’t need the hollow stare
Don’t you know the earth is dying
To see if we’ll ever learn to care

And I will not surrender
I will not play ball
I was born to love
And to fight on after the fall

And I was once a boy
And I wasn’t always nice
But in my time here as a man
Everyone I know has died twice

One day, I’ll get even
One day, I’ll pay you back
I’ll reclaim every inch
Of the land that you scorched black