From the recording STORM COUNTRY

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Church in the Wild

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(Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong)
Bass: Jared Zehmer
Drums: Wes Allen
Guitar: M.C. Armstrong
Guitar: Ranford Almond
Guitar: Tom Troyer
Keys: Scott Guberman
Sax: Nikki Trail
Violin: Tayler Coldiron
Vocals: M.C. Armstrong
Vocals: Ranford Almond
Vocals: Tayler Coldiron


“Who gave you that name?”
A man once said
When all that we are
Went over his head
My name is Wil-Usdi
And I’m the chief
I serve Cleopatra
And she serves me
Now we’re resurrecting
The church in the wild
You can find our god
On every secret smile

Now we’re far beyond
The devil’s deal
We’re the church in the wild
And it’s the fire that we steal
The joker feeds
On the idiot’s mess
The strange fruit
of a thumping chest
The queen says this
is just a test
Of who we are
After the wild west

Show me that smile
Stand up
Stand for the wild
We don’t know what it is
But we keep it going
We don’t what it is
So we keep on growing

Jaw harp frogs
All night long
You find the church
In the song
Loan wolf
We’re all together
In the drift
Drifting far
Far from the shore
Where you pray to god
After hanging her fur


So you go to church
You stretch your limbs
Say I’m with her
Say I’m with him
You try for the queen
While you can
Cuz she makes you feel
Like the last man
And when she says how
You gonna pay for our daughter
Don’t worry you say
It’s called dehydrated water x4