1. Ghost Chord

From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong and Grant Shuman. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Matlack, Shuman, Zehmer. Electric guitar by Grant Shuman. Trumpet by Benjamin Matlack. Bass by Iyan Riddell.

Lyrics copyrighted to Hunger Ghost Music, Ltd.


A ghost chord builds behind the band,
Some feedback that no one planned, but
Once it peels away the song it’s real.

Strangers dance past in the lightshow
A few walk by in invisible day glo
The silence is building; you can’t breathe.

Sometimes here the band cuts its ties.
They fall to pieces before your eyes.
The exit sign is nowhere to be seen.

No one here will take your hand
No one can lead you back to land.
You found the ticket, but now the show’s not free.

You find yourself adrift in the crowd.
They seem to dance to invisible sound.
You hate silence, so they give it to you loud.