From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong and Grant Shuman. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Crocker, Matlack, Shuman, Zehmer. Electric guitar by Benjamin Matlack. Banjo by John Crocker.

Lyrics copyrighted to Hunger Ghost Music, Ltd.


Well, yes, hello may name is Jed.
Left California in an old Ford’s bed.
T’was hot in the day; cold in the night.
Shot the driver at first daylight.

Some years ago, I took a shine to cards.
Took a lot of money; some took it hard.
Day after day; night after night, I
couldn’t get a drink and not get a fight.

After a while, I thought to settle down.
Bought my lady a rock and a gown.
Worked all day; drank all night.
It was fine by me; she said it weren’t right.

She filed her papers and she took our boy.
Let me plead my case before old Judge Roy.
I didn’t care for my wife, less for the kid.
Left with no money and two mouths need fed.

Some folks say I ain’t the forgiving kind.
And it’s true I ain’t one to change my mind.
Waited two long days; waited two long nights.
Made goddamn sure them two slept all right.

Well, yes, hello my name is Jed.
Spent fifteen years with a price on my head.
Some get betrayed; some get caught.
I keep a double ought under my cot.

Now you might say I’ve lived in sin.
But you’re the one who invited me in.
You can pray to god; beg if you like.
It ain’t personal, just a day in my life.