1. Second Life

From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Zehmer. Electric guitar by Wes Allen.


When the blacks are circling
In on the blues
And the whites get red
With nothing to do
When everyone says
It’s all coming true…
What are you gonna do

Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire
Sometimes I can’t find the light
Last night you pulled over to the
Side of the road
Said baby I just need a second life

What are you going to do
What do you wanna do?
When it all feels like it’s coming true
What are you going to do?

They say if you’re selling
You’re already sold
They say every word
Must mean no
Keep trading your heart
For a little more control
See what happens
To your soul

You say you’re so tired
Well I’m tired too
Baby I’m so tired
Of running away from you