From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Matlack, Ritter, Zehmer. Pedal steel by Dylan Ritter. Trumpet by Benjamin Matlack. Electric guitar by Benjamin Matlack.


We watch the world
Like we watch the girls
See the way the storm
Turns the sun to pearl

When I was a boy
It wasn’t this way
The world seemed
So night and day

Now it’s all mixed up
Now there ain’t no end
Now I storm the earth
With the eyes of men

One summer day
I watched this boy
Watch the girls
Watch the boys

And I knew right then
How the world would end
Women watching
For the eyes of men

The eyes of men
Seek out all ends
The lights they break
As they try to bend

The eyes of men
They see on stalks
They follow the water
Til it turns to rock

Then they dream of a girl
As they stare at the sun
On a bed of salt
At the end of the run