From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Graves, Ritter, Zehmer. Pedal steel by Dylan Ritter. Keyboards by Xavier Graves.


If crazy’s on top
What’s down below?
You can dig your way to China
Or just grow old.
Dig and dig
And maybe get dug,
Write it all down
After the flood
Of love

You say I’m too young
To be down here
But a bit too old
For you to care
Faces of the workers
Floating in the smoke
You come down here
To get in on the joke

The joker…came from here
The joker…gave us a year
The joker…is taking a bath
Listen…I hear him in the back

One, two:
Here’s a clue
This is the laugh
You win when you lose
Three, four:
Remember me
The old boy that tore the tire
Off of the tree
Five, six
Have a beer,
Whisper all your dreams
Into my ears
Seven, eight
You and me
Put a buffalo nickel
In the machine
Nine, ten
This is it
One more song
To keep the fire lit
Eleven twelve
Now what’s in store?
We live down here
After looking for more

More…than Buffalo Bill
More…than your mama’s pills
More…than a silver tongue
Baby you are my favorite one

Yeah, I’m still
In love with you
Remember that night
Under the moon?
But too soon
Is now too late
Love gets cold
Just like hate

Hey, hey…here’s the last laugh
Of our little love’s….aftermath
Beautiful baby…don’t hang around
Say goodbye to your favorite clown