From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Ritter, Walters, Zehmer. Pedal steel by Dylan Ritter. Bass by Iyan Riddell.


Everybody’s saying
The same old thing
Telling you your soul
Is just a machine
But you are the wildest thing
I’ve ever seen
And now my life
Feels like a dream

So let’s find a place
Away from here
A moonlight path
A lake appears
You wrap yourself
In my shirt
The fool says I’ve never
Felt this way before

Lion eyes in the moonlight
When I say lion, babe
I don’t mean lyin, babe
I mean a sweet hungry roar
I just can’t ignore
Baby give me more
Baby give me more

We both climb mountains
In our dreams
We were both on fire
Under that tree
We found a little space, baby,
Where we can be
Where I love you
And you love me