1. My Shirt

From the recording The Eyes of Men

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Lyrics by M.C. Armstrong. Arranged by Allen, Armstrong, Zehmer. Viola by Gizem Yucel. Hammond organ by Don Eason.


Got it for Christmas
When I was nineteen
Half a lifetime ago
For whatever that means
Wore it every time
I was trying to seem
Like I belonged to some scene
That was tougher than me
It was my shirt

Black and gray
Checkered plaid
Liked it best in the fall
When I was feeling sad
Used it as a pillow
One lonely night
Sleeping in a car
After a fight
It was my shirt

Used it for blood
Used it for tears
Got a good job
Hung it up a couple years
But then I lost my job
Lost my mom
Came back to my shirt
And put it on
It was my shirt

When I met you
I was fading away
You brightened my life
Like a summer’s day
You made me smile
You made me flirt
You made me want
To wear my favorite shirt
Cuz I was happy

Out one night
Under the moon
We found a place
Like we always do
I took off my shirt
Walked away awhile
Came back and found you
Wearing only a smile
And my shirt

Nothing ever
Seems to last
Friends disappear
Into the past
But I love you so much
I wanna shout
Yeah I feel like I
Can do without
My shirt

October’s coming
You got a lot on your mind
You wanna go out west
Leave the south behind
But it gets cold in the mountains
Windy at night
So here’s a little something
To remember me by