Rooftop Takeovers and Ghostlights


How can a band safely play during this season of plague? How bout from the rooftop of Greensboro's legendary, cafe´, Tate Street Coffee? Join Viva la Muerte, tomorrow October 23rd, on the corner of the street they used to call Haight back in the day to celebrate fall, life, and the birth of our drummer, Wes Allen! 

Corby Brooke will be opening the show at 3pm and VLM's set is at 4pm. 

If you can't be there in person, VLM will be streaming their set live on YouTube.

Ghostlight Concert 

Viva la Muerte will also be participating in the Ghostlight Concerts at the Carolina Theatre on October 31st with the Greensbrothers. 

"Ghostlights are a tradition almost as old as theatre itself – they light the stages when there are no performers, keeping the spirit of the theatre alive. After six months of just our ghostlight, we are thrilled to replace it with live performances on the Carolina Theatre stage! Seating will be available, but will be limited to 25 guests for each show, per government mandates. All guests will be asked to sign a liability waiver, and wear a face covering unless seated in the Auditorium." 

Tickets are already sold out, however this event will be videotaped for rebroadcast at a later date.

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